Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Musings of a Stay at home mom

I have stayed at home now for about four years and of course I get the question of what my future plans are when my youngest goes back to school. Well I still don't know, maybe my dream of writing will come true. What I do know that staying home offers many lessons. Here are a few I have learned.

*Now that I "don't work" people can find lots of it for me.
*My children never worry about dental hygiene except at bedtime.
*All of my clocks are wrong and therefore it is impossible to get anywhere on time.
*Staples and tape can seal a food bag.
*Even after dropping two hundred dollars at the grocery store there is still nothing to eat according to my children.
*All horizontal spaces collect clutter at an alarming rate. NASA should investigate this.
*"I don't know who" always does it.
*My children's giggles can cure any heartache.
*Children can not sit in the same car without fighting, even with the imaginary line down the center of the seat.
*I have a voice pitch not heard by my children when the word "room, clean or bed" are used in the sentence.
*Children are the most forgiving people. Even when you mess up they still have a hug for you.
*The bathroom door clicking sets off an alarm to alert my kids that I am alone and all request are needed right then.
*Even if all the laundry is done you can never match all the socks.
*Naps are never fun until you are the mom.
*When a child is sick you don't need to get medicine they will miraculously become well once you enter the doctor's office.
*Dust can form even on vertical spaces.
*There is never enough room.
*There is never enough time so you must use it wisely.

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