Thursday, October 1, 2009

104 miles to Wichita Falls

Water dripped from the brim of my hat and my shirt clung to my body, never mind that my running shorts were plastered to my legs and water soaked my socks making my feet squish with every footfall. The rain came down at first in a slow easy pattern only to pick up the longer I ran as if taunting me to stop. Pain radiated down my right leg and my pace was slow compared to other days. But the wonder of running even in these conditions is amazing and the sense of achievement is like a drug to me. After running for five weeks, taking it easy this week due to pain has been difficult but today I was able to run and I rejoiced in the fact. God is good.

I have done 28 runs! For a total of 104.00 miles = 167.74 kms. I am astounded by the fact that I have covered that kind of distance. With that amount of miles, it is like traveling from Ft. Worth, Texas to Wichita Falls, Texas. Absolutely amazing!

I am encouraging all to get out and do something they didn't think they could because if I can run over 100 miles everyone can get up and do something they never thought was possible.


Laura in Texas said...

Thanks for the words of encouragement. I'm out of town on business -- at a three-day conference -- and today I decided to book myself a tennis lesson here at the hotel for tomorrow afternoon. I've never played tennis, always thought it looked like fun, am incredibly un-athletic, and terrified of doing things I don't know how to do while other people are watching. We'll see how it goes! :-) In the meantime, keep running!

Donna said...

That is awesome that you tried tennis. I took a class in college and scored a wonderful 70 if that says anything about my hand/eye coordination.

Laura in Texas said...

Yeah, I have pretty pitiful hand-eye coordination myself. That's why I'm so pleased that during the lesson I actually was able to hit most of the balls the instructor sent my way. Had NO control over where they went, but consider it a huge success just in making contact with the ball! I'm now becoming a big proponent of trying something new!!