Monday, November 9, 2009

214 Miles

Eleven weeks ago I could run maybe two miles without stopping. In the past eleven weeks I have run 214 miles in preparation for my first marathon. Let me tell you every one of those miles tells a story of its own. Some of those stories are fun and others are full of pain.

This past weekend I ran eighteen miles. During a long run many things can happen both good and bad. The beginning of this long run was amazing. My legs were pumping and eating up the ground like a kid does chocolate cake. I had an amazing attitude and was laughing and talking to my running mates but by mile twelve everything changed. No, it didn't happen all at once but that is where the struggle began. My endurance was taxed and I started to doubt if I could finish. Now at mile sixteen, I stopped dead in my tracks. I didn't want to run anymore. My body was exhausted and I just didn't believed I could run another step. The call to quit echoed through my mind. I hated running at that moment. What on earth was I thinking to try to even run a marathon. Who did I think I was? Superwoman? Ever feel like that? You doubt everything you are trying to do? Usually this is where I will stop, flop on the floor and say I'm done. I didn't this time. Jenn was there to talk me into running. Okay actually she said "You can't quit. We only have three more miles. You'll be mad if you don't finish."

I needed that pep talk. If she hadn't been with me, let me tell you I would be writing this and the title would not read "214 miles." I looked up how far that was from my house. It is like running to Oklahoma City from Joshua, Texas. It's okay to be impressed. :)

Okay I will never qualify for the Boston Marathon but hey that isn't my goal. My goal is to finish the race and if I finish dead last that doesn't really matter in the big picture.

I have found that the more I train the more I desire to learn about running and fitness. I subscribe to running magazines, read articles about running and stretching online. I devour everything I can find to prevent injury. This makes me think about being a Christian. Have you noticed that when you are reading your Bible daily, taking time to meditate on His word that you hunger to know more. I know that there are times when I struggle to fit God into my schedule and it is during those times that I lose sight of what an awesome Father He is.

How great are your works, O Lord, how profound your thoughts! Psalms 92:5

Scripture taken from Holy Bible: NIV


Tamika: said...

He is a loving Father! All He asks is for me to spend some time with Him. Easy enough.

Jodie said...

So proud of you! And love the way you tied it to our Jesus...

Donna said...

Tamika you are so right him only asking us to take time with Him!

Jodie, thank you so much. It helps to know that I have such a wonderful support system with more than just my writing. Love ya girl!

Leigh said...

Donna, just this weekend Roland Osborne was using the metaphor of running a marathon and going from white belt to black belt. He said when you just feel like you can't go one step further, when you just think "i'm done, I can't do this" you have two choices.

Give up. or Take it up. As in take it up a notch and push a little harder to reach your goal. No one ever looks back on reaching a hard won goal with regret.

Keep on takin it up a notch. I'm so proud of you!