Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hills and Valleys

Okay, what I didn't expound on with my "Ten Miles and Counting" is the fact that I have somehow injured myself to the point I haven't been able to run since Saturday. Today, I thought I would try to see if I could run. I had rested my foot for several days, iced it and worn a bandage. I mean really shouldn't it be better by now. I was desperately missing running with my running buddy Jenn. I know you nonrunners and saying "Oh geesh it is her head that is injured not her foot." So back to my story, I woke up, got my husband and three kids off to school and suited up for an easy run. Three miles was on the schedule and the weather was cool and breezy outside.With my Ipod on, Garmin watch strapped on wrist, and shoes double knotted I took off down the street. The first mile is always horrible but I didn't have any pain in my foot until 1.30 miles and then the pain came back with a vengeance. What was worse is I had to walk that far home with pain radiating through my foot.

Okay so what is the point , I would love to say that I came up with this little lesson on my own but really it isn't mine. After my horrible run this morning I called Jenn in tears. She, in her wonderful Texas accent, said "God doesn't lift us up to put us down." So right now in my sorrow at hurting and not being able to do what I want to do, I know that the race is not over. Isn't it the British that say "Chin up Ol' girl." I'm going to stay positive, go to the doctor and pray for the best. Your prayers would be greatly appreciated too by the way. So now, I have climbed out of my valley or at least I am determined not to stay there. The view is better at the top of the hills.


JMac said...

You mean, I have an accent? I know it sounds funny, but God is bigger than your foot. I hope our trip to Luke's was helpful if not just a nice change of scenery. Plus, you have to admit that the drive there was an adventure. I'll be praying for you visist to the doctor. Peace out, my home fry:)

Jodie said...

Praying for that foot! And, ya know, I think there are SEVERAL spiritual lessons in this foot thing. :-)

Donna said...

Thanks Jodie, You are such a sweet heart. I was turning off the learning from the experience when I was writing this. It's hard to think about learning anything when you are so upset and angry at the circumstances but then there is a lesson in that too.

Jenn, yes you my dearest friend sound like a Texan and that is not a bad thing. Our accents are noticed all over the world because we live in the greatest state! Thanks for everything you did for me today.

Tamika: said...

Hi Donna!

I am a fellow Texan- Yeehaw (lol)! I will be praying for your foot.

Exercise and I don't pair up often, but when your body is obstinate about listening to what you want it to do, it can be pretty frustrating. Take baby steps.

Blessings to you...