Friday, February 22, 2008

What is that smell?

Today I was reminded about how fast things can go really wrong. This morning I fixed breakfast (toast and instant oatmeal) for my kids, got them dressed, and signed folders. The normal morning activities before sending them off to school. My youngest son, Jonah split his cup of water on the kitchen floor so I asked him to grab a towel to clean it up. He cleaned it, gave me a kiss and rushed out the door with his brother to go to school. Nothing out of the ordinary right. Oh so wrong. As I sat on couch with my daughter reading a book, I began to smell something. Never in all my wildest dreams did I think something was burning in the kitchen until the smoke alarms began to go off. I hadn't really cooked anything this morning so history couldn't be repeating itself but that is another story altogether. I glanced over my shoulder to see flames shooting up from the island. Leaping like a gazelle (okay not quite that gracefully) over the back of the couch I grabbed the towel that was on fire and threw it in the sink. What caused the fire you ask? Well, I had lit a candle this morning to make the house smell fresh and not quite like the dogs that cohabitate with us. Well, my house no longer smells like dog, but I am not sure it is truly an improvement. The destruction was minimal just a melted telephone and chaired dishtowel and of course the counter top now has a strange brownish gold mark that resembles the phone. Has anything like this happened to you? Has the unexpected taken you in surprise and forced to to realize how blessed you are in all of your daily trials and joys.

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