Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The impossible happened.

My Wonderful Jerry and I went to Las Vegas for one of his business trips this past weekend. No, I did not win any money. You have to actually play the games to win and that is just not my thing but a friend of ours did pretty well. I wanted to tell everyone about my favorite part of the trip, Hoover Dam. That was an amazing thing to see. I couldn't help thinking that the Dam was designed and built before all the modern technology that we enjoy today. It was built in 1935 and is 726 feet tall. Wow! This was completed in five years which was two years earlier than expected. On top of that it was a government program completed early. You can't say that happens very often. Look at our highway system.

The men that worked on this project really were extraordinary. They worked in conditions that were dangerous and deadly. the temperatures during the day could reach 120 and 85 during the night. They really could fry an egg on the side of the canyon. This made me think about life today. How often we complain about our own jobs. What was accomplished in the building of Hoover Dam truly astonishes me. Americans in the 1930's made the impossible happen.