Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Review of Trophy Wives Club by Kristen Billerbeck

Back cover

Haley's role as an L.A. princess is canceled when her producer husband finds someone younger for the part. Haley Cutler is the consummate trophy wife. Perhaps was is the more accurate term-back in the day when highlights came from an afternoon at the beach, not three hours in the salon. Unfortunately, after seven years as Jay Cutler's wife, a role that provided significance and what she though was love, Jay walks out and Haley finds herself with few life skills that translate to the real world, not to mention a sense of amnesia about who she used to be. but before Haley can find her way, she must meet with Jay's lawyer, the strikingly handsome Hamilton Lowe. Although she can't stand his self-righteous contempt for her divorce, she takes his suggestion to attend a group at his church called "The Trophy Wives Club," a Bible study composed of women who have been dealt a raw deal. Haley's never been into the who Jesus thing but could really use some friends to walk her through this phase (how do you apply for a credit card anyway?) As Haley begins to realize that she really can stand on her own two feet, she also learns that sometimes in losing we find real reward...

My review
I have always loved Kristen Billerbecks writing. She was one of the first Christian writers to hook me into the market. Her novel The Trophy Wives Club is written in her trade mark first person with a strong voice. You always know when you are reading Kristen's works. Kristen does an amazing job of showing the lives of these women and making the ordinary woman relate to them. Even though ordinary everyday women don't have the princess life that the main characters live , I was still able to relate to their daily struggles. The novel deals with sensitive issues such as divorce with humor and reality interwoven. The book does not leave you with a foul taste of man hating although there are times you wonder if they are necessary while reading the book. I like the book and will pass it on to a lucky reader.
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Anonymous said...

This looks like a great chick lit. Love your suggestions!! Anna @ kinnee . net

Donna Moore said...

Hey anna,

I am so glad you stopped by. I am so glad that you are part of the Faith meets fiction book club. We had a great time tonight!!

CherryBlossomMJ said...

I haven't read Kristen's work yet, but keep hearing it suggested. I'd love to win a copy to read. Please do enter me.

cherryblossommj (at) gmail [dot] com


ChristyJan said...

Kristen is a new author for me ~ I'd love to read her book.

stampedwithgrace said...

sounds like a good book!