Thursday, May 1, 2008

May New Releases

1. Anathema by Colleen Coble from
Thomas Nelson. An Amish woman who fled after a murder is drawn back to her
peaceful community--and a spiraling danger.

2. Bayou Judgment, Bayou
Series book 3 by Robin Caroll from Steeple Hill Love Inspired Suspense. Crisis hot
line counselor finds herself in the midst of murder and mayhem, and
tough-guy preacher must fight to keep her safe.

3. Beyond the Night by Marlo
from Multnomah Books. A woman going blind, a man who loves her
but can’t tell her so, a crash, a hospital room, and an ending that must
be experienced to be believed.

4. Blood Brothers by Rick Acker from
Kregel Publications. Sibling rivalry, black market deals, and a dangerous
new wonder drug interrupt Ben Corbin's plans for early retirement in
this riveting sequel to Dead Man's Rule.

5. Controlling Interest by Elizabeth
from Zondervan. Matt Hogan and Natalie Tubberville compete to
find a missing mail-order bride, with Matt's detective agency in the
balance--or is love the ultimate prize?

6. Deadly Exposure by Cara Putman from
Love Inspired Suspense. With a stalker closing in, will television
journalist Dani Richards trust her former love and police investigator
Caleb Jamison to help her and God to rescue her?

7. Divorcing the Devil by Dwan Abrams
from Urban Christian. Drama, heartbreak, violence, and redemption.
Will anyone be spared when trying to divorce the devil?

8. Flame From Within by Shirley
Kiger Connolly
from Vintage Romance Publishing. Amethyst Rose,
inflamed by the devastating war flees her beloved Vicksburg and becomes
entangled with two passionate and enamored Yankee warriors and a deceitful
Frenchman determined to steal her heart...perhaps her soul.

9. Fossil Hunter by John B. Olson from
Tyndale House. A Christian paleontologist makes a dangerous discovery -- a
fossil that doesn't seem to fit current evolutionary theory.

10. It's All About Us All
About Us book one by Shelley Adina from FaithWords. Can
a Christian teenager stay true to her faith and still get the most
popular guy in school?

11. Journey to Judah "Born
for India" series Book One by Eileen Rife from Capstone
Fiction. In an exotic culture of 7.5 million people and over 3 million
gods, one woman resolves to follow her heart.

12. Leave it to Chance by Sherri
from David C. Cook. After three long years of single motherhood,
Sierra Montgomery can finally stand on her own two feet—until a gift
horse threatens her finances, her family, and her budding relationship with
a handsome landscaper.

13. Ruby Among Us by Tina Ann
from Waterbrook Press. Sometimes the key to your future lies in
someone else's past. Ruby Among Us is a stirring story about faith and
mother-daughter love.

14. Sandhill Dreams, Book 2
Nebraska Brides by Cara C. Putman from Heartsong Presents.
With her dreams shattered, will Lainie Gardner allow God and a soldier
at Fort Robinson to breathe life into new dreams that will bring her
more joy than she imagined?

15. The Black Cloister by Melanie
from Kregel Publications. When Elise Friedman travels to Germany
to research her family's mysterious past, she uncovers a chilling
secret and a man who threatens to destroy her.

16. The Duchess and the
by Jamie
from B&H Publishing. A passionate duke meets a lovely Quaker
girl and finds it was worth losing everything to have her.

17. The Taste of Good Fruit
by MaRita
from Walk Worthy Press and Harrison House Publishing House. A
tragic loss, a devastating secret, and a seductive mistake are
insurmountable challenges that take close friends, Sydney, Chanel, and Sherese,
on a journey towards self-discovery, strengthened friendship, and
renewed faith.

18. Trion Rising, Book one in
the Shadowside trilogy by Robert Elmer from Zondervan. What
would it be like if Jesus had come to another planet?

19. Wagered Heart by Robin Lee
from Zondervan. Bethany Silverton can’t resist the challenge of
charming a rough cowboy, but when she makes an innocent wager,
unexpected results could turn a little flirtation into a lifetime of love.

20. With Endless Sight,
Crossroads of Grace #3 by Allison Pittman from Multnomah
Waterbrook. When disaster strikes her family, fourteen-year-old Belinda
finds herself alone until God delivers her to the unlikely sanctuary of a
brothel in the Wyoming mountains.

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