Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Review of Simple Little Words

Simple Little Words


Michelle Cox and John Perrodin

Press Release:
You might wonder what bestselling author Karen Kingsbury, Chick-fil-A founder Truett Cathy, a farmer’s granddaughter, and Focus on the Family CEO Jim Daly have in common. They all have a respect for the power of words because all of their lives have been touched or changed because of something someone said to them.

Words are powerful tools that can wound and leave scars or they can encourage and inspire. That is the message of Simple Little Words. We have collected over 40 heart-tugging amazing stories of lives that were touched or changed by words. The book concludes with a question: What simple little words do you need to say to someone who needs to hear them?

Simple Little Words is a collection of short stories and essays describing how a few words made a huge impact on someones life. The stories range from self esteem, hope, honesty, determination, direction and parenting. This book made me stop and reflect on the words I have spoken to my children and husband. I am giving a copy of this book to my children's teachers and a nephew who is graduating this week. The stories are inspirational and make you reflect on the most powerful tool you have... words.

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John Perrodin said...

Thanks so much for YOUR wonderful words, Donna! Michelle and I are delighted to be included in your WriteByFaith blog.