Monday, June 30, 2008

The Moore's take on Burger's Lake

This weekend my husband's side of the family joined forces with us as we took on Burger's lake for the day. I think we have found a new hot spot for all of us to go. I have to say I have the most adventurous sister-n-law. Lori challenged me to go off the diving boards both high and low along with a ridiculously high slide. And you know a challenge has to be met face on. What an exciting challenge they turned out to be. I will confess that I will never go off the high dive again. It is different as an adult, I am sure the fact that gravity pulls harder on my body than it did when I was younger and of course lighter.

Boy does time change things, the last time many of us had been to Burger's lake was in the late eighties and well it has shrunk. I remember it being so much further to the diving boards. One thing that did not change it was a lot of fun.
I love the fact that we were able to get together an enjoy this time together. I know the time we have together is short and I look forward to spending that time with those I love. I loved watching Princess and Lil Princess play together in the water. Isn't it great to have a cousin to play with. Jojo had so much fun jumping off the diving board and he can't wait to go back again. Captian M loved hanging out with his Uncle Wes. but my favorite part was watching my husband let loose and enjoy himself. I look forward to many other family outings together.