Monday, July 28, 2008

Interview with Sharon Dunn

Sharon, thank you for taking time to visit with me today I always ask what was the best gift you have ever received?

There have been so many. My daughter spent her hard earned allowance money to buy a cookbook for me. I was so moved by that gift. My husband bought me a writing desk for me one Christmas. He shows over and over that he is supportive of my writing.

Sharon, please tell us a little about yourself.

I write humorous who-dun-its for the Christian market. My first book Romance Rustlers and Thunderbird Thieves was published in 2003 it was part of the Ruby Taylor mystery series. My new series is called the Bargain Hunters mystery. The first title in that series is Death of a Garage Sale Newbie and the second is called Death of a Six Foot Teddy Bear.

I have three kids and three cats. My hubby and I will celebrate our 21st anniversary in August. I love to read and go for walks, but I spend most of my time being the mom taxi when I am not writing.

Congratulation on 21 years! I love a good garage sale so I just have to know what is the best bargain you have ever come across? What is the most outlandish item you have ever seen at a garage sale?

Once I got two brand new sets of dishes at a garage sale. They were in boxes that had never been opened. Judging from the other stuff at the sale, I think the lady must have had to call off her wedding or pay for her wedding by selling her wedding gifts. I’m not sure what the story was but she had lots of brand new things.

Most outlandish thing? I never understood people who put out used make-up and underwear. Who buys that? OOH GROSS!

I always wonder how writers come up with their ideas for their books. Where did your inspiration come from for Death of a Six-Foot Teddy Bear?

The whole Bargain Hunters series combines two things I love: the hunt for a good deal and a fun follow the clues mystery. As for Death of a Six-Foot Teddy Bear, there were several sources of inspiration. I wanted to show how loss, health and wealth, can often draw us closer to God. Also, I just love the fun bonding and growth that happens between the four bargain hunter ladies. I wanted to show how supportive friendships between women of different ages can be so great.

Sharon, please tell us a little about Death of a Six-Foot Teddy Bear?

Here is the blurb for the book:

The senior Bargain Hunter Ginger and her husband, Earl, are in for a wild ride in Calamity, Nevada, along with the other BHN ladies—college student Kindra, mother-of-four Suzanne, and sassy senior Arleta. They came for the Invention Expo and outlet shopping, but instead they endure lost luggage, broken air conditioning, and a long line of people angry at hotel owner Dustin Clydell. With the Invention Expo and the Squirrel Lovers’ convention both in town, the Wind-Up Hotel has somehow overbooked.

Before the night is over, a man has been found dead in a teddy-bear costume, the Invention Expo has been canceled, Binky the water-skiing squirrel has gone missing...and the authorities want to talk to one of the BHN ladies! What else could go wrong?

Once again, the Bargain Hunters Network swings into action to solve a murder—and this time, clear one of their own. Readers will love the humor and suspense, and they will learn alongside Ginger as she discovers the dangers of confusing faith and wealth, and finds a hidden opportunity to grow more dependent on God.

What do you enjoy most about writing Christian fiction?

With any of the writing I do I love creating characters who seem almost real to me. I love thinking about the reader on the other side of my book. I picture her curling up in a comfortable chair and laughing at the silly messes my characters get themselves into.

I know I often joke that the reason I can't stop writing is I can't leave my character just hanging there. What would like readers to take away from Death of a Six-Foot Teddy Bear?

First and foremost, I hope they laugh and smile a lot and solve the mystery right along with the Bargain Hunter gang. Second, I hope the book makes them think deeper about their own losses and blessings and faith.

When I read Death of a Six-Foot Teddy Bear, I giggle and smiled throughout! When you are not writing or marketing your books, what do you do in your spare time?

Spare time? What is that?

I can relate to not having spare time. Do you have any advice for novice or aspiring writers?

Get the support of other writers. Find a healthy writing community either in person or online. “Healthy” is the optimal word find other writers who are about encouragement and mentoring not about envy and gossip. I have a small crit group that I go to and also I belong to several online groups including American Christian Fiction Writers. The support I get from my fellow writers has kept me going in the down time.

Thank you Sharon for visiting with me. Do you have any last words for readers? Please share your web address?

My web address is If you click on “bargain hunters” on the home page you can see a place where readers leave tips on how to save money. One of my favorite parts of the website.

If you would like to win a copy of The Death of a Six-Foot Teddy Bear please leave a comment telling me what is the best or worst bargain you have ever found. Be sure to leave your addy in a disguise so the creepy crawly internet spiders don't capture it.


Tina said...

The best bargain I've found is staying at the YMCA in Estes Park. They have YMCA campgrounds all over and the cabins are a great bargain and fun for the family.

atforkner [@} yahoo [.] com

Carole said...

The best bargain we have ever found was our very first home in 1973. Actually my mom, who was an avid reader of newspaper ads, discovered it. It had an assumable mortgage at 5%, and we had both saved enough before marriage to afford the downpayment. We've moved on since then, but have many memories to treasure at that home.

I would very much love to read this book, so thank you for the giveaway.

cjarvis [at] bellsouth [dot] net

Donna M said...

Tina thanks for the tip on the YMCA campgrounds. I didn't even know that they had them.

Carole what a great bargain on your first home. I hope that you thanked you mom for that bargain find.

Thanks you for dropping by!

Doreen said...

Oh at a yard sale, I bought a Polo Sport bag cheap--it was only a couple of dollars!! :) purposedrivenlife4you (at)gmail(dot)com

Cheryl said...

The best deal I have found was when we purchased our home that we have lived in for 14 years. I would love to win this book. Please enter me in the contest. My email address is shryackmom[@]charter[.]net