Monday, August 4, 2008

A little under the weather

I guess it is the constant heat that has settled in the North Texas area but I have no aspiration to do anything. It is so incredibly hot outside. Of course this constant talk about the heat with others made me wonder why we only have discussion about the obvious. Yes, it is hot but should we talk about the heat for twenty minutes? How often do we ask someone how they are and they reply that they are fine. Really they are anything but fine however, they don't want to burden us with the truth or they don't believe we really want to know how they are. Next time you talk to someone try to take the time to really listen to them. I think in our fast paced world we no longer take the time to get to know one another instead we really are just passing barges in the night. I mean really do you know the neighbors that live on your street? How about the person who sacks your groceries? Go out and make an effort to build a real relationship with someone. Come back afterwards and let me know what you did to make a difference.

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