Friday, September 26, 2008

Review of My name is Russell Fink

I just finished reading My name is Russell Fink and I have to tell you this is one of the more bizarre novels I have read this year and Micheal Snyder has to be an amazingly interesting person to have written such a fun novel his first time out. I found this book refreshing and fun.

Russell Fink is 26 and still living at home with his basset hound, engaged to the wrong woman, selling copiers- a job he hates but is determined to save , and struggles to set himself apart from his dysfunctional family. Russel has lost faith in his father a miracle-working televangelist after his twin sister dies at the age of nine from leukemia, which Russel is certain he caused and continues to blame himself. After the apparent murder of his beloved Basset hound, a rather crazy lovelife and unemployment Russel Fink has real issues to solve. Russell breaks up with his controlling actress wannabe fiance' who by the way will not accept that it is over the first steps in taking back his life. Will Russell ever accept his true feelings for Geri or is it to late?

The novel is packed with quirky characters and crazy twist. It is a little edgy at times for the Christian market but I truly enjoyed this Lad Lit and eagerly look forward for more wacky tales from this new author.

For a real treat be sure to read the Q&A with Micheal Snyder and the deleated scenes in the bonus section of the book.

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michael snyder said...


Hey, I just found this awesome review of my debut novel and wanted to offer a most sincere and hearty THANK YOU for the kind words. I'm thrilled you seemed to like it so well.

So...thanks again and have an outstanding week!