Thursday, September 11, 2008

A sad day remembered.

Today marks the seventh anniversary of the attack on 9/11. Every generation is affected by some major event. My grandparents had WWII and the depression, my parents had Vietnam and the assassination of President Kennedy and my generation has 9/11. With every great tragedy we all are affected. On this day, I remember when I heard the news. I recall standing in front of my class of fourth and fifth graders and pretending that nothing was wrong in the world. I remember the anguish of realizing that so many innocent people were killed. I remember the sense of uncertainty and despair I felt being pregnant with my second child and feeling as if the world was spinning out of control. What those men did on that day changed my world. It brought back into focus that America could be attacked. I know for me I no longer can watch a t.v. show, movie or read a book about terrorist. Has major events such as 9/11 or other terrorist attacks changed what you watch or read? remembered

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