Thursday, October 2, 2008

Foreign Land

I have sent my child to a foreign land and I don't think I taught him the language. Middle school for us has been a foreign land. I have always been an involved mom. Maybe a little to involved at times but this year it is so much harder. My son has just completed his first six weeks of middle school and I have to confess I think I have turned into some crazed middle school mom. I really think I am going to get a shirt that says " Beware mama bear". I find that I want to fix everything for him. I want to help him figure out how to interact with the others. All of a sudden he has noticed girls are more than moms or sisters. And I tell him " your only in seventh grade. You don't need a girl friend. It isn't as if you can go on a date anyway." To prove how crazed my thinking is when he does ask a girl to "go with him" and they say "no" I want to know why they don't like my wonderful adorable son. I mean what is not to like. How crazy is that?

I miss the elementary school teachers who are eager to have parents come to the classes and participate. It was a time when your child actually wanted you to be friends with their teachers. Everything changes middle school. I can remember how difficult middle school was. The constant fear that you wouldn't fit in and find friends. Not to mention the boys. My son is now experiencing this. I am helpless because I forgot the language spoken in the foreign land of Middle School or maybe we never really figured it out. Is any one out there facing the craziness of having to let go and let them be. Wow, what a struggle it is to do that. You know we talk about letting God have our lives and giving it all over to Him but I have to say I am struggling to let Him have control of my son's journey into Middle school.

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Anonymous said...

wow- this really seems familiar... don't forget about the over concerned Dad and grades..