Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Review of the Rook by Stephen James

Description: An arsonist has struck a top-secret research facility at a key US naval base. But it's not just a random terrorist attack. These people were after something specific. When Special Agent Patrick Bowers is called in to investigate, he is drawn into a deadly web of intrigue and deception. With his own criminology research being turned against him and one of the world's most deadly devices missing, Bowers is caught up in a race against time to stop an international assassin before it's too late. Full of fast-paced action and mind-bending plot twists, The Rook is an adrenaline-laced page-turner that will keep readers up all night. Book 2 in the Bowers Files, this riveting look into the criminal mind is the perfect follow-up to James's well-reviewed The Pawn.

I asked my father-n-law, Joe, to read the Rook and get his opinion because it looked like a book he would read. He loves mysteries and suspense so this book looked like it would be right up his alley. This is what he thought of The Rook. I will tell you this is high praise for this bookbecause Joe is an avid reader and very discerning in what he selects to spend time reading.

In my Joe's words: The Rook is a FANTASTIC mystery which shows the importance of thinking outside of the box. It is a very enjoyable book that holds the attention of the reader. Even though this is the second book in the series I did not feel like I missed anything by not reading the first book The Pawn. A great read. The book end in a cliffhanger so you have to buy the third book to find out what happens next. I guess we know what we can be getting Grandad for a gift.

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