Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Review of My Little Girl

My Little Girl by Tim McGraw and Tom Douglas is a wonderful picture book. Katie is excited to have a special day with her dad. She wants a “better than chocolate ice cream with sprinkles” kind of day. Katie gets all dolled up for her special day only to find out her daddy and her were doing “nothing in particular”. As Katie and her daddy go through the ordinary routines of daily life Katie finds that she enjoys this just as much.

I loved the voice of Katie with her attitude that matches many little girls her age. She is a spunky little girl with big dreams and reminds me of my own daughter. Tim McGraw created a little girl that most can relate to. Vibrant illustration bring this story to life and captures your imagination adding to the appeal of the story. With the bright illustrations by Julia Denos and the beautiful story, my daughter fell in love with this picture book. She had her daddy read it to her at night for a straight week. It has become one of our favorites.

Faith Hill also has a forward and the last page of the book leaves room for a daddy to write his special story about his own little girl.

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Ausjenny said...

this looks so sweet. will check it out.