Thursday, January 22, 2009

Spotlight on Craig Harms

In the spotlight is Craig Harms and he has offered to give away a copy of his novel Day Omega. Craig has an amazing testimony that he has shared today. So let's learn more about Craig Harm.

Tell us a little about yourself:
I live along the banks of the muddy Mississippi with my remarkable wife Sue, three dogs, two cats, and a flock of very lively parrots. I received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University Of Nebraska School Of Journalism and a Master’s of Science degree from Western Illinois University. My career choices have included advertising, research, writing, PR for a New York City art gallery, and stints in the broadcasting and entertainment industries.

Tell us about your book:

Day Omega counts down the last seven years before Christ’s Final Judgment. The end-times novel begins when millions of people round the world suddenly vanish during a violent storm that sweeps the planet. After “Disappearance Day”, as the media dubs it, anarchy and chaos reign supreme and the United Nations is impotent in stopping the madness. So a new one-world government is formed; once sovereign nations are now annexed into ten sectors, each with their own leader. But one of them has plans to control the world and all its citizens who, incidentally, must have a microchip implanted in their hands—for prosperity and security sake, of course. The story examines what could happen if people turn away from God and put their faith and trust in His enemy.It is also the personal story of an ordinary middle-aged man from Chicago who despises nearly everything in his life—his family, his job, his past, his present—until he is chosen to bring people back to God and to sanctuary, when everything is falling apart around him. It is his journey of failure and triumph, tragedy and joy, his spiritual growth from atheist to Christian, and how he keeps the faith, even through seemingly insurmountable odds.

What is the craziest thing you have ever done? When I was young, single, footloose and fancy-free, I did a lot of things that, in retrospect, seem crazy. It’s a wonder looking back as an older (wiser?) person how fearless we might have been in our youth and how we survived!
That being said, after college graduation I packed up my few possessions in a half dozen cardboard boxes and lit out for Los Angeles from Nebraska, having never been there, no connections, no job offers—only my adventurous spirit and a will to succeed. Within a week, I got a job at a fashionable restaurant; within a year I was a page/tour guide at NBC-TV studios in Burbank which led to a position in the Program Research department. Along the way, I performed stand-up comedy, acted in plays, did cable comedy shows, and generally enjoyed life in sunny, Southern California. But God had other plans for me.

Beside salvation, what is the best gift you have ever received? This is where God came into the picture. While in LA, I developed a close friendship with a guy from Seattle, whose wife was from Quincy, Illinois. He decided to start a radio station there and asked if I wanted to help him get it launched. I put my stuff in storage and told him I’d commit two years, with all intentions of returning to the West coast after that.

Well, a year and ten months passed and I was preparing to leave when Sue appeared out of the blue. It was love at first sight! We married nine months later and have been together for sixteen years now.But all was not “happily ever after”. She had a seven-year old son named Jamey, who worked on me to give my heart to Jesus, as I was an agnostic at the time. I finally relented, but our joy was too short-lived—the little boy with a fervent love of Christ died two years later in an accident.

Our lives were irrevocably shattered, but we carry on the best we can. To relieve some of the pain and escape reality, I began writing Day Omega—the novel is dedicated to him with all profits being donated to local charities in his name.

Besides that body blow, we’ve both lost several good jobs, suffered a miscarriage, survived two floods, a tornado, and a Midwestern earthquake! among the ordinary stresses of everyday life. But through it all, I wouldn’t trade a minute without Sue. I hope I’ve helped her through her tragedy—I know she has made me a much better person and so thankful God pulled the strings to put us together. What a wonderful, beautiful gift—her and a sense of humor bestowed on us—without that, we’d both be certified crazy by now!

Sue is very blessed to have you in her life. I can tell you have an amazing marriage. Who is the most important influence in your life besides God?

Definitely Jamey—I owe the lad for my eternal life. I’ll give him a huge hug when we meet at the Ruby Wall.

Let’s pretend money is not a factor, if you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?If indeed money—or time—was not a factor, I would travel everywhere (with the possible exception of frigid, barren Antarctica!) Sue and I have dreams of someday just meandering about the United States in our Corvette, but I would also love to visit the pyramids at Giza, Europe (especially the Louvre and Scotland), participate in an African safari, and tramp through an equatorial rain forest. We raise parrots (they’re our FIDs: an acronym for “feathered kids”) and it would be very cool to see them in their natural habitats.

What books are found lying around your home? My library is stocked with an eclectic mix of biographies, historical, religious, fiction, and reference books. I especially love going through almanacs, dictionaries, and encyclopedias—not on DVD’s, but old-fashioned tomes of paper and ink. There is so much information packed between the pages that I like to incorporate into my writing. I think it really adds a sense of authenticity among the realm of fiction.

What would you like your readers to say about your writing?That I tell a good story—one that makes them want to keep turning the pages and that my work had an emotional impact on them. Most importantly, that it made them think.

What is your favorite verse from the Bible? I have a little sign on my desk quoting Proverbs 3, verses 5 – 6: Trust in the LORD with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths.

When events of our lives were out of control, when I felt totally hopeless and helpless, and when I could see no positive outcome for the future, this little placard always sustained me and did indeed see us through the hard times—even when we seemed to be dangling by that last, frayed thread. And His promise has proven true, as Sue and I have been given opportunities we wouldn’t have imagined in a million years!

What do you want your readers to take away from your novel? I sincerely hope I inspire readers to “get right with God”, regardless if the end-times are at our doorstep or not. It’s also important that people research and question what their government and media spoon-feed them—oftimes, it seems, the truth is shaded gray and there might be ulterior motives to their altruistic promises.Most importantly, I hope readers will appreciate all that they have—to love their family always, to enjoy their possessions, rather than trying to accumulate more. To keep the faith when everything seem to be crumbling about them. Believe me, I’ve been there—things taken for granted can be lost in a flash.

What are your dreams of 2009? What do you hope to accomplish this year?I’m unemployed . . . again, having been laid off last summer from a marketing job, so it’s going to be interesting to see where the Lord takes us next (hopefully to a warmer climate!) And I plan to make some major headway with my second work-in-progress called “Saving Jesus”. Briefly, it’s about a time-travelling quantum physicist who is “chosen” to thwart John 3:16. I’m anticipating an exciting, healthy, and amazing year, and wish you all the same. May God bless us and keep us through this New Year!

Thank you Craig for visiting with us. I know that this interview will stay with me for a long time.

Craig has offered to give away a copy Day Omega. I have not read this book but I plan to get a copy in the future and read it soon. If you would like to win a copy please leave a comment and in respect to little Jamey, please tell me who is the most influential person in your life and why.

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darbyscloset said...

I would like to read Craig's book.
The person currently the most infl. to me is a little boy that passed away 3 weeks ago at the age of 5. "Caden" had a childhood cancer and had the faith and face of an angel. I know he is in heaven now, doing "boy things" that he could never do while on earth.
Inspiring interview, thank you!
darbyscloset at yahoo dot com

darbyscloset said...

I am a subscriber, too!
darbyscloset at yahoo dot com

Craig Harms said...

Thank you for your response. Sue and I asked God a million times 'why Jamey'? (or Caden, or any other young child), but have come to realize the answer will not be revealed until we get to Heaven. Meanwhile while we remain Earthbound, I urge all parents to nurture their children, give them big hugs daily, and let them know they are loved.

I know that Jamey is smiling down, proud that I wrote a Christian-based novel, even more proud that the royalties earned will go to help others (our first donation was to Camp Callahan, a local summer camp for mentally or physically challanged children and adults).

So a bit of good has come from our tragic loss.


Ann Shorey said...

Great interview with Craig. He's been my "go to" person in Illinois as I write my "At Home in Beldon Grove" series. Hi Craig!
I haven't read his book, but would love to.
My most influential person was my mother. The older I get the more I recognize her leading and guidance in my life.

annshorey at msn dot com

Anonymous said...

I would like to read this book. I have two peopl in my life that have influenced me. The first will be Ethan who died of Leukemia. He lived a life showing how strong a person can be with a serioud illness that can ( and in his life did) be terminal. The second is my husband who is serving overseas in the Air Force.I am very proud of my soliderand all that he is protecting.


Craig Harms said...

Hi Ann, hope your story is going well! I was laid off from my job, so longer drive through 'Beldon Grove'. However, I've got two other things going, so if you need local color of, say, Baltimore or Phoenix, let me know!


MJ said...

What a great interview!!My most influential person would have to be my Mom. She's been through 3 different types of cancer in the past 3 years! She's losing the battle (so it seems) this time but her faith sustains me even when I struggle.

Please enter me in the giveaway/

MJ said...

I subscribe.

Carolynn W. said...

The most influetial person in my life is my older sister Dianne...she has been through so much heartbreak in her life but still she clings to God, with a strong faith that is always encouraging to me.
I think it's cool that Craig owns a flock of very lively parrots. I've always wanted to have one :)
The book sounds exciting, I would love to read it, thanks for the chance to win!
carolynnwald at hotmail dot com

Craig said...

Thanks Caroylnn for posting. I try to write stories especially for those who, like your sister, experience alot of pain, but who still manage to cling to God despite the obstacles thrown in their paths. We all must keep the faith--particularily when life isn't going so well--and know He will see us through.

Parrots are truly God's great creations. Research studies have suggested the African greys have the emotional/intellectual capacity of four year old humans--they speak in meaningful phrases and can distinguish colors.I'm teaching one to count to five! They are indeed our kids.