Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My knight in Shining red and silver and the Good Samaritan

"If you really keep the royal law found in Scripture, 'Love your neighbor as yourself,' you are doing right. " James 2:8

It could have been a disaster. Chatter from my kiddos in the back blocked out the sound of the radio and at the time I thought everything was just fine and dandy. Have you had moments that you know God had his finger in the events? I have had many and as recently as yesterday evening I saw God. Not the long hair and robe gliding down from the clouds or the burning bush but have no doubt about it, I did see God.

Providing my Monday Mom's taxi service, I pulled slowly to a stop at the red light on the way to my son and daughters karate class already knowing we would barely make it to class on time. The light change to green and I pushed the gas and may car shuttered, cruised through the light and died. Of course, I am in the left lane and couldn't even coast off the road. Don't you hate it when people block the fast lane? Ugh...I was doing it.

Immediately I start looking for my hazard lights so I wouldn't be hit from behind. Frantically I rub my handover the steering column praying nobody would hit me and hating myself for not being more familiar with my new car. See I have only had it for a few months.Okay more like 5 months but I still wasn't in the frame of mind to remember where that silly button was.

A man pulled upon the other side of the four lane road and walked across the medium to see if I needed any help. This man (I'll call Mr. Samaritan)helped me to calm my son who was frantic and talked softly to my daughter. Mr.Samaritan slid into my car found the hazard lights and then proceeded to try to find what was wrong with my car. "I think you are out of gas."To which I replied"I can't be. It is only Monday." I know what an earth does the day of the week matter but every Sunday my wonderful adoring husband always either puts gas in my car or he reminds me to put gas in it. To add to the matter at hand, I didn't even have my cell phone with me to call my dh for help.

Meanwhile, an entire battalion on Knight dressed in blue riding on a red shiny steed with flashing lights pulled up behind my car blocking it from getting hit. With my head hanging low and wishing I had brown hair not blond I walked back to my knights from the Burleson Fire Department and told them I was out of gas.Three jumped to call and rescued me, the damsel in distress, giving me just enough to make it to the next station.

So you see, I saw God in the man who stopped to lend a hand and in the faces of the men who risk their lives daily. What is even more wonderful is I can be the face of God for someone who may not have any gas to keep going!

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