Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hopelessly a Book worm or Nerd depending on whose talking!

I went to check the mail today and got my catalogue and you would have thought I was a kid looking at the toys in a sears catalogue. I started flipping through the pages marking what books I want to read. Not that I don't have a stack of books already at my disposal in an enormous TBR pile but well...what can I say. I love to read and Christian fiction is what I like best. I thought I would share a few of the books I am dreaming of having since I am always sharing books I already have read. These are not in any order but all are books I want to read.

A Passion Redeemed by Julie Lesserman. I have read the first two books in the Daughters of Boston series so it would stand to reason I would want to read book three. Of course, I would read as many as Julie would write. Julie writes these books with passion and love flowing through the pages. Coming out in April

Miss Match by Sara Mills is the sequel to Miss Fortune. The books feature a female private investigator Allie Fortune. I have not read either of these books but they are on my dream list. Miss Match comes out in March.

Yesterday's Embers by Deborah Raney is the thirst book in the Clayburn novels. I first read Deborah Raney when judging a readers inspirational contest and fell in love with Leaving November. But I will have to wait a little longer to read this one since it doesn't hit the shelves until March.

The House on Grosvenor Square by Linore Rose Burkard one of my new favorite authors. I blogged about Before the Season Ends back in December and it is one of my favorite novels. In the first novel we meet Arianna Forsythe and Philip Mornay and are wist along in their romance, in the House on Grosvenor Square they are to get married but of course everything goes wrong. April release date.

Ruby Slippers by Leanna Ellis is another one I really can't wait to read. I just posted an interview with Leanna this month. Her writing is so fun to read and doesn't she just have the best titles. Here is a sneak peek of this: Dottie Meyers lives with her little dog on a small farm in Kansas. Knocked unconscious by a tornado, she awakens at a recovery facility in California where her long-missing father has left her a pair of ruby slippers. Is she prepared for what's ahead on her yellow brick road?

The Renewal by Terri Kraus is another one I want to read. I have read The Renovation can't wait to read the next book. Here is a sneak peek: People-just like houses need renovations! After her divorce, Leslie Ruskin purchases the historic Midland Building. But like her life, it needs a lot of work! Carpenter Jack Kenyon seems perfect for the job and Leslie, until his demons resurface. Will the project derail-or will they find The Renewal they need. This one is already available.
You can check out these books and more at

There are many others that I want and I'll blog more later about other books I am hoping to read soon. What books are you wanting to add to your library?


Martha A. said...

OOh, I do that too! I curl up with the CBD ficion catalog and think of all the books I want to read and usually save it and then go to the library and place holds on all the new ones. some of the ones I picked out are the same ones you have above!
i would also like to read Take One- by Karen Kingsbury and A Love to last forever by Tracie Peterson.

Michelle Sutton said...

LOL! I always study every page and book description in the CBD catalogue. I am told my book will be in the next catalog. Yahoo! I have most of the books you listed. :P

Carole said...

That is so funny, Donna, because I'm exactly the same way. Except this week was extremely busy for me, so I had to hide mine away until this weekend. I hope CBD knows how much we love their catalogs.

Cindy said...

I am like that too when I get any kind of book catalog. Its like my Christmas wish list all over again. I really want to get Ruby Slippers. I just love the cover of the book.

BTW I saw your post on twitter. I follow you.

Donna said...

I so love books and after I posted this I noted someothers I want to read.

Julie Lessman said...

Hey Donna, thanks SO very much for including A Passion Denied in your TBR lineup -- I am honored!

I just finished Before the Season Ends by Linore Rose Burkard, and I agree with you that it was wonderful. As are all your choices -- Deb Raney is a favorite of mine, and YES, Leanna DOES have the best titles!! Have not read Sara Mills or Terri Kraus yet, but it sounds like I need to ... :)