Friday, February 27, 2009

Review of Love Finds you in Last Chance Califonia by Miralee Ferrell

Brief Summary:
Alexia Travers has inherited her father's ranch after his untimely death. The ranch is heavily mortgaged but instead of seeking marriage and an easy way out she puts on men's trousers and takes over the ranch. Despite her best efforts things get worse: hands quit, horses are stolen and her fathers gold is missing. When all is lost Justin Phillips arrives at Last Chance with his son and is looking to work for her but Justin has a few secrets of his own.

MHO: I really enjoyed reading Love Finds you in Last Chance California. Alex is such a strong female character and Justin is the perfect hero. I was really impressed that the story had enough twist in it to make it stand out from others novels that have similar story lines. I read this novel in an afternoon sitting and fell in love with the characters. Alex did not fit into the mold of the women of her era and the women in the community reminded her of the differences. When another woman with questionable values comes to town threatening Justin and then ends up needing help, Alex steps up and shows compassion. Alex really is an amazingly strong female character with enough spunk to keep her on top in a mans world but she also has this wonderful feminine side too. This is a novel that demonstrates that when you put your trust in the Lord even bad things that happen turn out to be for good.

It always amazes me to find out how much research the author does to create their novels and it is apparent that Ferrell not only researched this town that no longer exist but she also has an incredible imagination. Her descriptions of the ranch made me wish I could go for a visit and see the land as it was back then. If you have not read one of the Love Find You novels you really are missing some great books. I have read several in the series and they have all been wonderful.

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Christa Sterken said...

Hi Donna, Miralee was part of my ACFW group before I moved here. She is a neat lady, congrats to her on this new project