Thursday, March 5, 2009

Children's video review

I know I don't normally review children's movies on this blog but I thought I would share one with you that I just watched with my daughter last night.

I just want to say how much my daughter (age five) enjoyed watching the new Hermie DVD. In fact, she watched it twice in one day. The story is about Skeeter who has a crooked stinger and is terrible with direction, which becomes the point of some of his friend’s jokes. All of his life he has been compared to his famous older brother Sir Sinclair M.Skeeter. His brother appears to have the perfect life and everyone looks up to him the problem is he does not fly. These two brothers join together to find their father's lost treasure and both learn that their father loved them.

Max Lucado's Hermie and Friends are wonderful for young children although my seven and twelve year old sat down and watched with the video with their sister. The storyline is based on Psalm's 139:13-14. I asked my daughter what she learned and she said that God makes everyone special. My daughter watched the video and understood the intended lesson,

There is a wonderful part in the story where Skeeter is asking God why he made him with a crooked stinger and if He made a mistake. God says he never makes mistakes. I love that this little video is not only fun to watch for both parents and children but it also has a message.

My daughter also loved the bonus material included. There is a wonderful sing-along and auto start is always a plus so I do not have to stand around waiting to push play.

With the difficulty of finding children’s movies that are appropriate to watch this one fills that void.


Julieanne said...

I'm always on the lookout for godly books and movies for my children to watch. Thank you for sharing about this one! It sounds like it's a fun movie for the younger set.


bigguysmama said...

Thanks for this review. Will be checking into it. Think my little 5 yr guy would like it, too.

Mimi B
Woven by Words