Friday, March 13, 2009

Spotlight shines on Anita Higman

I am welcoming a fellow Texan to Write by Faith and let me tell you she is a wonderful writer. I love her new book Love Finds you in Humble, Texas. It is about two sisters who fall for the same guy. Anita is a wonderful writer who pulls you in very quickly and keeps you there. I love the "Love Finds You" line and if you haven't picked one up you are missing out. And if you want to win a copy of this novel be sure to follow the directions at the end of this post.

Anita, thanks for stopping by Write By Faith. I love having authors stop by so readers can learn more about them. So tell us about the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
Many years ago—in my young and foolish days—I rappelled off a cliff with my husband-to-be, and then we stopped mid-way down the cliff to kiss. Sweet, but there are safer ways to show affection.J

That is soooo sweet and a bit crazy too.

Let’s pretend money is not a factor. If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?
A few months ago, I spent about three weeks in Australia, but I’d love to go to New Zealand now.

Oh that would be fun.

What is your favorite children’s book?
Cinderella, because I love fairy tales, romantic stories, and happy endings.

This is my favorite fairy tale. I love the tragedy to happy endings. Of course my five year old daughter loves this story too.

Tell us a little about your road to publication.
I’ve been writing for about twenty-five years, so it’s been a long journey. My twenty-fourth book just came out, Love Finds You in Humble Texas. I really enjoy what I do, but if my career appears like a perfect dream come true, let me burst that fantasy bubble. I experienced a lot of rejection for a long time, but in the midst of my seemingly endless setbacks there were just enough nods that kept me going. I did lots of writing and reading and going to conferences and learning the craft, and it finally paid off.

Wow twenty-five years and twenty four books. That is quite an accomplishment.

If your book were being discussed at a book club what do you think the focus of the discussion would be on?

Love Finds You in Humble Texas is a romance, but it’s also about two sisters who fall in love with the same man and how they deal with that emotional upheaval. So, I think a book club would enjoy talking about the relationship between the two sisters, Trudie and Lane Abernathy. By the way, I have a place on my web site just for book clubs. I created a list of discussion questions they might enjoy using. Also, if the book club is ten or more members, I am willing to do a phone conference with them so they can visit with me about the book. My web site is

I agree with you. The dynamics between the sisters would be discussed at my bookclub Faith Meets Fiction. It was one of the points in the book that stayed with me. I have an older sister and loved the relationship between Trudie and Lane Abernathy.

What advice do you have for aspiring writers?
Don’t rush the process. Take your time. Read and learn about the craft, network, and attend conferences. Start a blog, and find your own unique voice. Be faithful to your stories and write every day. If you really have a passion for writing, you won’t find my suggestions as a punishment—but a pleasure.

Thanks for the advice. You are the first one to say start a blog. I'm happy I can check that off my list!

What do you want your readers to take away from your novel?
Here is a tiny excerpt from the book. “Life can be a collage of pretty pictures as well as a thousand shattered moments, but God can bring marvel to it all as He takes those broken pieces and, with the light of His grace shining through them, makes something beautiful, something treasured.” I hope people feel that kind of encouragement when they close the book.

By the way, I hired the amazing Circle of Seven Productions to do a book trailer for me, so I’ll let the narrator tell you a bit more about Love Finds You in Humble Texas.

Click here:

Thanks for inviting me on your blog, Donna! It’s been lovely.
Anita Higman

If you would like to win a copy of Love finds you in Humble, Texas.

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SILLY QUESTION: Do you have any siblings? How many? I have one older sister who has finally found her way back home to Texas. I love you Kim.

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Jo said...

0 siblings for me so never had anyone to argue with or run into problems with. Nice advantage in some ways and very lonely in others.


Jo said...

Forgot to mention that I am also following you on Twitter.


Patty said...

I would love to win this book. This line of books is so good. I have read two of them so far.


Lorraine said...

I would just love to win this book.
I'm always looking for new books. Thank you.


Bev said...

I have 2 sisters. One half-brother. 4 step-sisters and 4 step-brothers. Lots of loudness.

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kalea_kane said...

Wonderful interview. I liked what Anita said about life being a collage. I do have one sibling. His name is Cary and he is seven years older than me. He lives in California and I miss him all the time. :)

Thanks for the giveaway!



kalea_kane said...

I am also a follower and subscriber, because sometimes my reader stinks. :)



mez said...

I have 4 brothers and 1 sister. I would love to win Anita's book, thanks.

mez said...

I subscribe.

kalea_kane said...

I blogged about your giveaway here:

Did I tell you that I love this background? :)

Thanks again for another fabulous giveaway.



Kaye said...

Hi Donna, I still have a brother and unfortunately our beloved sister passed away at 45 yrs of age due to heart valve problems. She is always with me in spirit though. Please enter me in the drawing


Kaye said...

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Anita Yancey said...

I have 2 brothers, and 1 sister. All older but one. Love to read this book. Please enter me.


Anita Yancey said...

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I have two brothers and six sisters in my family. I am the third eldest with a brother and sister above me.


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Kimberly and Rufus said...

I'd love to try one of these Love Finds You... books. I have two younger brothers, who can be pains, but I love em anyway. I am following you on Twitter now. :-)


Marie Burton said...

Ye I have an older brother who has been nothing but a thorn in my side my entire life. I lived in NY, he moved to TX, I moved to TX, he moved to NY. And that is perfect now. As long as he stays there.
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