Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I want my bed back!

We have three kids and made the mistake of letting them sleep with us when they were little. Now that our daughter is five, I am ready to have our own bed. If I have any advice for other parents it is to not let your kiddos sleep with you. The trama of moving them out of your bed and into their own room is horrible. We didn't let the kids sleep with us until they were out of the babybed. It was when they could toddle into our room. I will be the first to confess it was easier to let them crawl in bed with us rather than take them back to bed.

We have tried talking and even moving her in her room every night. Or pediatrician said to lock the door to our room and let her cry. That is not something I am willing to do. Anyone have any suggestions?


TawanaB said...

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God bless.

TawanaB said...

I wish I had some sage advice for you but alas I don't. Our granddaughter is now 4 and just "decided" she was to big to sleep in our bed so maybe your little one will do that on her own also. Now I'm the one that misses the snuggles lol. We did the same things that you are doing, moved her into her own bed at night etc. Occassionally she will come back and climb back in bed with us but most nights she stays in her bed. Being grandparents we are a little more lax so we let her watch carebears or strawberry shortcake when she goes to bed and she always has to drink chocolate milk before bedtime,(which she doesn't get to do if she sleeps with us), so maybe that is part of the trick lol, I don't know. I'm really glad you didn't follow the advice you were given, I would think that would be really traumatic to a child. Good luck and God bless.

Donna said...

Thanks Twanna for the encouragement. The boys both moved out by kindergarten so I am sure it is just over the horizon.

Anonymous said...

We have never let Mallory sleep in our bed. Every once in a while after a bad dream or monsters invade her room she will get up. But as soon as I hear her door open, I meet her in the hallway and take her back to her room. I will lay on her bed until she falls back asleep then return to ours. I know Lori's brother's wife got one of those plastic covers you put on a door handle so Bryce couldn't open his door but I'm not sure I can agree with that.