Thursday, June 11, 2009

Birthday Giveaway

I turned 36 this week and have decided I would gift a book to some lucky readers on my blog. I have a list of books that I am going to give away. These are all books that I have read and enjoyed. If you would like to win a book list the book title that you would like to win and a way to contact you in the comments. Since I love chicklit I have three to give away.

A Mile in My Flip-Flops: Thirty-something Gretchen Hanover is stuck. Seeking solace from a broken heart, she traded her wedding plans for home improvement shows and ice cream—but she knows she can’t live on Ben and Jerry’s forever. She also knows that her enthusiastic Lab puppy has outgrown her tiny apartment.

The perfect patch for Gretchen’s dilapidated plans? She’ll become a first-time house-flipper. As ideas go, it’s daring and genius. She’ll take out a short-term loan, buy a fixer-upper, renovate it, resell it, and use the profit for an adorable house of her own. What could be easier?

But Gretchen’s plans to flip quickly flop when the house turns out to be in worse shape than she expected. She is relying on her retired contractor-father, but he wants to draw in his carpenter friend Noah Campbell. And although Noah is handy with tools, Gretchen isn’t so sure about the baggage he brings with him. Will she be able to loosen her grip on the tools when it seems Noah may be her only help?

A whimsical look at color swatches, mismatched curtain rods, and the building of relationships, A Mile in My Flip-Flops reminds us that it takes faith to renovate the heart, as well as the home.

That's not Exactly Amore: When Laini Sullivan lands a job designing Nick Pantalone's coffee shop, there are two problems: one, Nick's nephew Joe hates all of her ideas and two, Laini has to admit he's right--she's a disaster at design. Still, she can't risk losing the job. To compromise, Joe brings in help on the project, while Laini continues to bake the goodies that keep his customers lining up.Their relationship is moving along, so when new guy Officer Mark Hall implies that Joe's family is tied to the mob, Laini doesn't want to believe it. But things spin out of control when she meets the family, including "the uncles," who seem to confirm Mark's suspicions. To make things worse, Nana Pantalone makes it clear Laini isn't the kind of girl she has in mind for her grandson. Laini's not sure if she should give Joe the benefit of the doubt or just set her sites on Mark and fuhgetaboutit.

The Cubicle Next Door: Jackie Harrison is a civilian who loves her job at the U.S. Air Force Academy. That is, until she is forced to divide her office into cubicles and share the space with a new history instructor, Lt. Col. Joseph Gallagher. A charmer in a flight suit, Joe wants to explore both Colorado and a growing relationship with his new cubicle mate. The office was bad enough, but Jackie’s beside herself when Joe shows up in her home and church, even turning her grandmother’s weekly bridge game into poker night!
Jackie goes online to vent, but she eventually finds herself admitting her conflicted feelings about this office neighbor who drives her crazy and makes her heart flutter. But when her blog—The Cubicle Next Door—is featured on TV, everyone begins to read it, including Joe. Will he figure out the anonymous confessions and frustrations are written about him? And how will Jackie ever express her heart offline?


bigguysmama said...

I've already read Melody's book so either of the other two would be great! Happy Birtday!


mnjesusfreak at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

All those books sound very interesting, yet I've read none of them. Would love to let you remedy that!

And Happy Birthday to you! I turned 57 on the 3rd. June's a great month to turn a year older!!

sherrieashcraft at yahoo dot com

Lorraine said...

I would love to win A MILE IN MY FLIP FLOPS. Or you could surprise me because they all sound great. Thanks to everyone for writing.

Lorraine said...

I got so excited when I seen the contest that I forgot to wish you a Happy Birthday. Sorry!
Happy Birthday.


You can surprise me! If I win give the other winners their choices! Happy Birthday!

Pamela J said...

What a hard choice. I'm glad I don't have to decide about birthdays... I have to say any one of them would be fun and fine with me though my most biggest pick... uh...well...mmmm..
OK. JUST PICK ONE!! Blindfolded and turned till dizzy... the outcome is, top choice, A Mile in My Flip Flops.
Thanks for entering me.
Pam Williams
cepjwms at wb4me dot com
Hope your birthday is GREAT!

mez said...

Happy Birthday, Donna! I would love a chance to win That's Not Exactly Amore.Thanks.


robynl said...

any of the 3 sound great for a summer read for me.

You did say choose one so A Mile in My Flip-Flops.


Donna said...

Thanks for all the birthday wishes! And good luck these are all really fun books to read.

Queen over all drama said...

Donna, I didn't know you had a blog!!! Sooo cute, is it to late to enter your contest?? I need a good summer read!! I'll take what ever one you pick...Oh and Happy Birthday...Can't wait to get the girls together soon!! Thanks!!!

MJ said...

Happy belated birthday. I'd be happy with any of them but my1st choice would be Walk a Mile in my Flip-Flops.


Anita Yancey said...

I would really like to win A Mile in My Flip Flops. It sounds like a very interesting book. But the other books sound good to. Please enter me. Thanks!


Robin Shope said...

Happy Birthday Donna! Don't need to enter me in this contest because I have both books and love em. Just wanted to stop by and say hello and wish you a happy birthday week!
hugs, Robin Shope

adge said...

First of all, Happy Birthday. Hope it's a good one.

And then, is it too late to enter this giveaway, because I would love A Mile in My Flip-Flops or That's not exactly Amore. I've had that That's not exactly Amore book on hold at the library for 2 months, and I would love to have that book.


Kaye said...

Well, Happy birthday, young lady! Any of these books would be a fun win. They all sound great.


Christy Janes said...

I love that book 2 of your giveaway is one that I've been wanting to read for a verrrry long time...the first 2 books in that series are excellent! Hope your birthday is fabulous, and thanks for having a giveaway!

orca0024 at yahoo dot com

MJ said...

I'd love AMile in my Flip Flops.


Holly said...

Happy Birthday!!! I hope you had a great day! I would love the opportunity to win any of these books.