Thursday, September 3, 2009

A mile stone passed.

Okay, this morning Jenn didn't show up to run so I was on my own. Going back home and crawling back in bed crossed my mind more than tourist ships pass the Statue of Liberty. I stayed. I ran. I completed my four miles.

What I took away from this morning was the knowledge that I can complete my daily goals on my own. Not that I don't want to run with Jenn, I love to listen to her constant chatter while we are running, but I know that I have the will to do it on my own. I am told running is a mental sport and I won a small battle against my mind today. I am looking forward to a day off on Friday. Yeah!!


bigguysmama said...

Good for you!! I would've used Jenn as an excuse not to go. I'm so glad that you saw the importance of what you were doing for YOU and you did it! A great victory for the sense of what you're doing!


Jodie said...

That is so awesome, Donna! I'm proud of you. That really is a huge milestone...