Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Training for a marathon

Okay, I have decided at the age of thirty-six to take on a marathon. You may be asking if I have ever run long distances before. No. Never. I have ran at the most three miles up until last Saturday when I ran five. You have no idea the accomplishment that was. I wanted to include you in my journey to the Whiterock Marathon. And what a journey it should prove to be.

I mean look at me I am not a super athlete; I am a suedo-middle-age mother of three. I wasn't an athlete in high school or college. I mean I passed my college tennis class with a 70 if that tells you anything.

So for my progress so far, I ran three miles again today and did the same yesterday. Monday's three miles was hard I will confess and at less than a quarter of a mile to the end I wanted to quit but my wonderful running buddy Jenn M., who has six marathons under her belt, is a drill sergeant. Okay, not really, she is actually supper sweet and I think I'll just start calling her Miss Motivator. She made me run through my whining and urged me to the three mile mark. Today, however, the three mile run was great. I just hope that continues.

On today's run I did get to see a skunk and an armadillo which if you haven't seen an armadillo in person they are a bit scary at 5am. They sort of look like a prehistoric rodent. Ick. The skunk was quite an adventure too. It crossed the road right in front of us and are even scarier than an armadillo. I almost climbed on Jenn's back to escape it. Uggh. Oh well, I am sure there will be plenty of adventures on the way but hopefully not involving stinky varmint.

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Lorraine said...

After reading the excerpt, I definitely would like to read this book. I'd love to win a signed copy of it. Thanks for writing.