Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow Day and Memories!

What an amazing winter we have had in Texas. I have lived here since the third grade when we moved from northern Arkansas. I can remember my fear of moving here but I never realized I would miss the snow that we saw in Blytheville but this winter I have and the draw to move north is tugging hard although that is one tug that will not be answered due to marrying a Texas boy! He is pretty sure he would whither away north of the Red River.

In the DFW area we had a record snow fall in some places almost a foot of snow. Not the ice storms we are used to seeing but actual snow. You know the white stuff you can build snowmen. the white stuff you throw at those you love or you fall back in and make snow angels with. Children and adults alike played and romped in the cold white snow for two days. Snow balls were lobbed and very creative sculptures were made. It was a time of making memories. I have to say, that in the south we are quite creative with the snow and our sculptures. I have included a few pictures of what was made by these southerners!

This is a woman basking in the sun with her Island Magazine and of course a little drink created by the Lindseys. One of the most creative I saw!

Yes, that is a horse and my lovely daughter in rain boots and a raincoat! We didn't exactly have the right winter gear but it didn't matter. We had a blast. This is created by one of my amazing neighbors.


Lisa Lickel said...

Aw, sweet. I remember those days.

Donna said...

They are great memories Lisa!