Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Mother of Boys Advice

I am a mom of two boys and one girl. I have only raised one teenage boy  to the cusp of adulthood and have another knocking at the door of being a teenager and I would like to share some wisdom about my boys. I grew up with only a sister so my knowledge of boys or men if you will, was limited to my dad and my husband. I have learned a few things that I wish all girls knew about boys.

1. They feel as deeply as a girl does. Their little hearts break with sorrow or burst with happiness but they show it differently. You have to be really watching to understand it. They don't always cry in front of others but I assure you their hurt is just as deep as yours. So treat their hearts as gently as you want yours to be treated.
2. They have been told to treat girls with respect and kindness. Often this is confused with weakness. I promise it is not. Perhaps we should spend more time teaching girls the same but that is for another post.
3. Good boys really are better than the bad boy image romanticized in movies. These are the men that will grow up to be faithful. These are the men who will be by you even when you are being snide and ugly when the monthly visitor comes and changes us into people we don't even recognize. So realize that when you brush them aside because they are just too "sweet" later you might be wishing you hadn't.
4. Sometimes they don't really have anything to say but that doesn't mean they don't want to be around you or that they are mad. This took me a long time to understand and sometimes it still drives me a bit batty.
5. When they do want to talk, pay attention to them even if it is about corvettes or mustangs because if you ignore them or brush off when they are sharing something they love you will probably miss something important.
6. They really are visual but they don't respect you if you show all of your goods. They would rather date a girl with confidence in who she is . Don't confuse this with don't put in the effort to look good, just cover up a bit. They might think you are fun now but the don't respect you anymore than you are respecting yourself.
7. There mom is their number one right now even if they don't always act like it. They still come to us when they are hurt or happy. This will change when the women that is right for them enters their lives but we will always be the first woman they loved and the first one to love them.
8. Know that I have prayed for him since he was born that the right girl will come into his life at the right time.I believe this to be my most powerful advice to you. If you are not right for him leave early. Don't play games because once I decide you aren't the right one my prayer life goes into overdrive.

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