Saturday, January 5, 2008

Girls Day Out

Have you ever had a moment in time that you really wish you could relive over and over? Today was one of those days for me. I took my four year old daughter to see Barbie and the Symphony at the Bass Hall. We were all dressed up in finest (I even got out of my Tinkerbell pj's and put on heels) and were off for the girls day out. I have to confess in my dreams last night I had images of Paige, my daughter, crying to go to the bathroom or climbing up and down the stairs during the performance. None of those things happened. She was an angel. As I sat there listening to the music I couldn't help wonder how many more girls days will we have before she will want to be with her friends rather that her mom. I am going to savor these few moments for as long as I can. A very wise person told me that maybe my writing is suppose to wait and right now I am suppose to be a mom. I think she might just be right.

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shar said...

donna, that was awesome... every once in awhile, my daughter (35, now) and i have time for a few days together. after Christmas, we went to Lancaster County, PA, and spent some time learning about what it means to be Amish. i remember how i felt when she went off to college... that, "it's over" feeling. ouch! i have always treasured our times together. your awareness of your daughter's uniquely-timed place in your life is beautiful.