Thursday, March 6, 2008

Review of Your Chariot Awaits by Lorena McCourtney

"In the course of one week Andi McConnell turns sixty, loses her job, breaks up with her boyfriend and receives an unexpected inheritance from an eccentric rich uncle-a sleek black stretch limousine with bulletproof windows. She knows it's totally impractical-yet the lime has an allure that Andi can hardly resist. The allure is considerably dampened, however, with the discovery of a dead body in the truck. So Andi joins forces with a nosy but charming former TV private eye in a bumbling and often hilarious attempt to find the killer" excert taken from back cover.

I have never read anything by Lorena McCourtney but I will be reading more after reading Your Chariot Awaits. Lorena McCourtney creates fun and endearing characters who pull you right into their topsy turvy world. Andi who turns sixty never fits the stereo-type of a lady on the verge of collecting social security. She is adventurous, fun and ready to take on the world. You find yourself rooting for her to overcome all of the adversity thrown at her. My favorite character is Fritz the former TV private eye; he was humorous and charming with all of his quirks. The book took three very unlikely characters and wove them together to create a wonderful cozy suspense perfect for reading while wrapped in a blanket with hot chocolate on the couch. This novel reminds us that our age is just a number and fun, adventure and romance is not limited to the young. I would recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys a cozy and fun suspense novel.

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