Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A wonderful marriage!

I am married to a wonderful man and today we celebrated our 14Th anniversary. I met Jerry my senior year of high school at an orientation for the YMCA. We went out on our first date that night but I didn't know he would be the one. In fact, I wasn't really sure I would go out with him but he was older and he was in college. Two points greatly in his favor. I am so blessed that we did go out that night. Because of Jerry, I have grown closer to God, have three beautiful children and know without a doubt that I am loved and cherished by my husband.

Jerry really is my better half. He has the patience of Job which is necessary when you are dealing with me. I tend to be volatile like a bad chemical reaction.

Jerry has shown me what selflessness really is. He works an amazing amount of hours to provide for our family and this sacrifice allows me to stay at home with our children. Jerry gives of his time to help others and with this example, our children are learning what having a servants heart is.

Jerry, I love you and since I can't shout it from the mountain top since none can be found in central Texas I will shout it on the information highway. I am proud to be your wife! You are loved and respected.

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Margaret Daley said...

Donna, you left a message on my blog about Maureen Lang's book and you wanted to be in the drawing for it. Can you send me your email address so if you win I can contact you?
I love the look of your blog and the First Day Blog Tour. Neat idea.