Monday, June 23, 2008

Have you done all you want to do yet?

Today I went to the community center to sign my children up for swim lessons. The trick is you have to be there by 4 even though they do not start until 5:30 but that is a entirely different story. During the time that I waited I started talking to an older lady named Catherine sitting beside me. She didn't have any children with her but I thought maybe she was signing up her grandchildren for the lessons. Catherine asked me if I was taking the lessons or my children. I answered that my children were. She said she was going to finally learn how to swim. Her children and her grandchildren all swim and she felt she was "missing out on the fun". She told me about how she was afraid of swimming but she still wanted to learn. This made me think how often I have stood on the sidelines as an adult and observed because I didn't want to take a chance or learn something new. Have you challenged yourself to learn something new lately?

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