Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My trip to the Mountain

I was a a guest at the Great Banquet and I was able to sit down with my Father for 72 hours. I attended the Great Banquet at Oak Cliff Presbyterian Church in Dallas, Texas over last weekend. During this time I was cut off from the outside world no phone, watch, computer you get the picture. It was a life changing experience. I looked at my life and really examined if I really am living my life to fulfill the great commission. During that weekend the answer that glared at me was no. Looking at me from the outside you would never guess that I didn't have that part of my life together. I mean I ran the Christian Book club at church, directed VBS for four years, taught Sunday School, attended the church every Sunday and of course I had this blog. It wasn't as if I was a bad person or anything. Most people thought of me as sweet and kind. The problem was I didn't always do things joyfully. Often it was an obligation. What I learned during this time was that God calls us to worship and serve Him with a joyful heart. He does want our obedience but He wants it out of love. He wants us to desire to follow Him. If you ever get an invitation to spend 72 hours on the mountain with God be sure to take advantage of it; the time spent will make living in the valley more peaceful knowing that you are loved even when you don't deserve it.

Resting in God's Love

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