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Spotlight on Sandra Bricker

*Sandra, please tell us about you.
In my personal life, I’m a full-time editor for a telecommunications company, and I live in South Tampa, Florida, with my psycho Collie, Sophie. I’m a redhead; a cancer survivor; a big fan of the Pacific Ocean. Let’s see … Oh, and I’m a writer. J

I’ve been writing since I could hold a pen, and my first publication was an article in The Cincinnati Enquirer when I was in high school. In the 90’s, I published 3 young adult novellas, and then tried my hand at screenwriting for a while. After a few optioned projects, and a low-budget short film being produced, I decided to write what I loved to read: Romance. I published 2 romantic comedies and 2 romantic suspenses with Avalon Books. Then finally, after years of trying to break into the inspirational market, I was chosen as one of two authors to launch the new Love Finds You line for Summerside Press. Love Finds You in Snowball, Arkansas is a laugh-out-loud, full-on romantic comedy, and it hit bookstore shelves earlier this month.

*What was the best gift you have ever received?
I hope it won’t sound hokey, but the best gift I’ve ever received is my salvation. My Christian faith is a huge part of who I am, and it colors everything I think, do and say. I’m humbled and blessed by the privilege to call myself a Christian.

*What did you do to celebrate selling your novel?
One of my best local girlfriends took me out to dinner at my favorite restaurant. Then my best friend Marian flew in from Ohio for a weekend. It was really one celebration after another after another, which is the best kind of party, isn’t it?

*Please, tell us about your new novel Love Finds You in Snowball, Arkansas.
I’ve gotten the best reviews of my career with this book, and my inbox seems to have something in it every day lately from someone who has been touched by reading it, or who wants to tell me how hard they laughed, or how they identified with the character. I went into it with one mission: Make them laugh all the way through until they cry in the end.

*I grew up in Northern Arkansas and tease my husband that we are going to buy a cabin and live in the Ozarks when we retire and move away from the Dallas/Ft Worth big city craziness. Did you visit all of the places you mentioned in the novel?
I used to be a publicist in Hollywood, and my clients were all actors on daytime soaps. A couple of them were doing a celebrity charity thing in Little Rock, so my business partner and I attended. We stayed around for a few days to explore the area, and three days later I went back to California with dreams of retiring in a cabin on the Buffalo National River one day. I was really impacted by the beauty of the landscape, and the kindness of the people we met there.

*Lucy does some things that really challenged her fears. Have you done anything that stretched who you are as Lucy did?
I am almost sorry to report that Lucy and I have just about everything in common. She’s a little bit afraid of heights, a little more claustrophobic, and more than a tad accident prone. I’ve spent my life trying to face down my fears and, in most cases, failing miserably while finding some way to crack myself up in doing it.

*What would like readers to take away from Love Finds You in Snowball Arkansas?
Sore ribs from laughing so much, and a desire to know their Savior on a more personal level than they ever have before.

*What do you enjoy most about writing Christian fiction?
I think the opportunity to combine my passion for seeing the funny elements of life with my love for the Lord is the most profound and wonderful blessing a writer like me could receive. I’m living a lifelong dream, and it’s both humbling and exhilarating.

*Okay for a little fun if you were a candy bar what would you be? Why?
Probably a Mounds bar of some kind because, well, sometimes I feel like a nut and sometimes I don’t.

*If money were not an issue, where in the entire world would you want to travel?
I’m not much of a traveler. But I love San Diego most out of everywhere I’ve ever been. And I’ve always wanted to tour Italy, France and Greece. If only I could get there by train.

*Do you have any advice for novice or aspiring writers?
I do. So I hope they pay very close attention, because this is important: WRITE! Don’t stop writing. Write brilliantly, and write the stupid stuff. Write it all. And when you’re done writing about what you know, write about what you wish you knew. And when the rejections come, let them come, and learn from them. Think of them as a vitamin: hard to swallow, but ultimately beneficial to your overall health in the end.

*What other books have you written either published or not?
Fire in the Night – Group Books – Christian YA
Freeze Frame – Saddleback Publishing – YA Mystery
The Challenger – Saddleback Publishing – YA Non-Fiction
unWANTED: Husband – Avalon Books – Sweet Romance / Comedy
Change of Heart – Avalon Books – Sweet Romance / Suspense
Sins of the Past – Avalon Books – Sweet Romance / Suspense
Wish I Weren’t Here – Avalon Books – Sweet Romance / Comedy
Love Finds You in Snowball, Arkansas – Summerside Press – Christian Romance / Comedy

Can you tell us what you are working on now?
I have two more books contracted at the moment:
Love Finds You in Shepherd, Montana – Summerside Press – Christian Romance/ Comedy
And as of about 30 minutes ago, The Big Five-OH! – Abingdon Press – Christian Romance / Comedy

*Congratulations to the new contract!!!! I know you are doing the snoopy dance! I know that I can't wait to read another your two new romantic comedies. I am so happy that you were able to visit with me. Do you have any last parting words for the readers?
I’m never at a loss for words, parting or otherwise! So here goes:
Do your part for the dog population – Adopt a stray! And then …
Chase the dreams that God has planted in your heart, and then don’t forget Who got you there once you achieve them.

*Where can readers find you?
I’d love for them to visit my website at

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