Saturday, December 19, 2009


THE POTLUCK CLUB COOKBOOK by Linda Evans Shepherd and Eva Marie Everson is full of some easy recipes. I am not what you would call an impressive cook. I often have to scrounge in my cabinets to come up with dinner that is edible. So for me a cookbook, needs to have simple recipe with few steps and ingredients that I would actually have in my pantry. This cook book does both of those things. The cook book includes appetizers, breads, deserts, meat dishes, breakfast, crock-pot meals and even cooking lite among several other categories. On each of the recipes Linda and Eva have added a comment about it. They also have added for each section a little glimpse into their writing of the Potluck Series. If you enjoy cooking or even if you don't but have to cook for substance this cookbook has some great recipes.

“Eating in is the new eating out,” says Eva Marie Everson, a potluck enthusiast and co-author of The Potluck Club Cookbook. For instance, Everson and her husband used to meet up with another couple each month over dinner at a different restaurant. “But with the recent economy, we started eating in and dining à la potluck. We get to sit on a screened-in patio and watch the sun set over the lake behind the house. We all agree we should have been doing this all along!”
Thank you Revell for providing me with a copy of THE POTLUCK CLUB COOKBOOK to order your own copy go here.

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This cookbook sounds wonderful, its going on my wishlist! Thank you for the nice review. I enjoy your blog.

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