Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Those things need to go!

I never realized exactly how stressful moving or selling a home really was but I do now. I also know I have watched entirely too much HGTV. I decluttered to the point of packing off everything for storage and sending the dogs to grandparents and my husband teased me about putting the kids in storage. If fact, I decluttered so much when my friend came over to help me "stage" my house I didn't have anything to stage it with. That meant a shopping trip to buy cheap items to place around the house. Now that was a bit fun!

All this preparation to move also made me aware of the things I had left neglected in the house. Like painting the laundry room or cleaning out closets full of stuff from living in the house for ten years. Why was I hanging on to those things? Sentiments I suppose. Well, when faced with the ominous word "DECLUTTER" I quickly got rid of items that have stayed around longer than they should.

The word Declutter means: to remove clutter from: to tidy. That got me to thinking about other clutter in my life. Habits and people who clutter up my thinking and prevent me from being the person I am destined to be. Do you have things in your life that stop you from being who you are meant to be? I know I do. I have issues. I know you are so shocked. Well one of those is a compulsive behaviors to over do things. I am one of those people that you give me one task and I am going to do it to another level. You can see this in my version of decluttering. If it wasn't so large I couldn't box it, off it went to storage or trash. The same is true of my running and other aspects of my life. It is something I monitor now. This behavior gets in the way of who I am suppose to be a lot of the time. I don't come up to breath and become so focus on the task that the world around me fades away. That's a problem when you are married and have children. For some odd reason they still want my attention.

Of course, some of my living clutter are people who are in my life. Some I need to move out of my life because they don't bring the best out in me. You know the kind that you fall into patterns of gossiping or they encourage you to make bad choices that are harmful to you. Or those who just bring out the worst in you. Yep, those are the ones I am talking about. I have a few in my life and I am sure you do to. Those are the ones I have to say "bye bye" to and move on. Will I feel bad about it? I probably will I have a crazy need to make everyone happy but I know it is for the best because in order for me to live up to my full purpose I need to be real and see what is preventing me from doing so. So goodbye clutter and hello to a life of real potential!


Edna said...

It is not hard to get everything cluttered,
I was looking for the interview for Virginia Smith, on her blog she said this is part of the contest.


Anonymous said...

You’re such a sweet woman with such a heart for the Lord. I've always been reminded of Proverbs 31:10-34 when I think of you. ;)

Donna said...

Thanks Ginny, you are so special to me too!