Monday, February 15, 2010


I hate uncertianity. It binds me up and blocks me from everything of value. Sometimes I think worry is a genetic trait passed down from my mother which she got from her mother. See if it is genetic you can't be blamed for passing it down to your own children. REALITY is a learned behavior. Yes, I learned how to worry over everything from my mother. She still to this day makes me call and let her know when I have arrived home after visiting her...quite annoying to me.

There have been some things come up in my own life that has made me worry. And others have said to me "What good is worrying about it?" They have a point. I am trying not to let it consume me, but the tears and fears of the situation still creep up and steal moments of my day. I get lost in "what if's".

I know that I should turn it over to God. Oh how cliche' that sounds. And I know the verses concerning not being anxious. I am seeking God that He works on me and takes the burden away. Boy isn't that hard. I keep wanting to take it back or demand an answer. Sometimes the waiting for the answer is harder to take than the answer itself.

Lord, you know my struggles and insecurities. Work in me to be the person of strength you know I can be.

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